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...I felt like making it a plural in the UK/European version.

So I hate math right. I think it is retarded and I hate it.


Okay so when it comes out of John Sheppard's mouth, or well when I read about it coming out of his mouth I kind of start to squirm. Because it's so FREAKING hot!

Seriously.... :D

On another non-weird-kinky related note, I got to text with my friend Heather today. She's in teh military so it was cool to hear from her. :D She woke me up at the asscrack of 8:50, but it's cool because I miss her.

She's going to be on leave in a couple weeks for like 10 days, but I'm not sure where she will be spending it or how.

Sometimes I wish I were in the military. Mostly because I know that I need/want the discipline that you learn. Plus the pay and crap is good. Plus you'd be like fit and stuff... meh.

I dunno, it's always been a weird random thought. Maybe in another life.
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