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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Doctor Who - Blue Box

Doctor Who... Again.

I keep thinking about River Song and how she dies. I want to know who she is and I want to know her so bad.

Maybe it's transference from Ten not getting back with Rose, but I can't stop thinking about her. How sad is her story? I want to know it so badly. We haven't even met her yet, but you can tell that she and the doctor loved each other so much, so deeply that their story is epic.

I want to cry for her and be sad for the fact that she's gone because the Doctor always loses everyone in the end. Always.

I am firmly of the belief that she is his wife, although I heard an interesting theory that she was his mother.

I can see why he would like her and the fact that she knows his name is just beautiful.

I want to know her story so much and I hope we get to see her when the show returns in two years (TWO YEARS?!?!)

I don't know.

I love this show. The doctor is eternal and I never want him to end, but 12 regenerations... I don't know, I just have to hope. :)


I always assumed, after I saw Journey's end, that the doctor had told her about Donna.

Yeah, I knew that the doctor had had children before, I'm trying/I tried to watch the classic DW eps, but it's so different and Ten is my Doctor, so it's hard to see him as anyone else, Nine aside.

Heh yeah, River is awesome. :P