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Doctor Who "Journey's End"

I thought it was amazing from an emotional stand point.

I watched the entire 4th and half of season 3 in two days so I'm just like HOLY CRAP.

It's really weird now, because there wasn't ever a point in the last 2 years where I didn't know that I had more unwatched episodes to watch, and now I've seen 'em all and I'm really really sad, because almost everyone got a happy ending but of course the doctor didn't. It's like I can't be happy for all the good that came out of the situation because of the fact that the doctor is still alone.

There are parts of the story that I know logically are inacurate or are over the top or cheesy, but emotionally this episode wrecked me. I LOVE it with every fiber of my being because it's so happy and sad and desperately lonely and the emotions that course through you are a work of art.

The beginning of this story I started watching because I loved the theme and the chemistry between Rose and the Doctor, but I've kept watching because of him(or perhaps David). He's a magnificent man and character and I love him. I can't say for certain but I think he may be my most favorite character of anything. That feels like blasphemy to say(because oh shows!), but how can you not love him? He's awful and wonderful and beautiful and lovely and he makes good decisions despite how awful they can seem and he never stops. No matter how bad it gets he always keeps going and he always makes it through.

I love this show so much that I can't express my love for it. Anything that can make you feel as I have while watching it is truly something great. I may sound silly or stupid and I may just be riding on the tails of my emotions from watching the show a bit ago, but I don't care. In this moment I love this show and that is really all that matters.
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