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SGA: The Seed & Whatever

So was it just me or did everyone in this ep look like they had been on a drunken bender the night before? John looked a little squinty and Teyla's hair looked a little too good. Carson looked like crap, despite his magically changing hair color, the one exception to the looking like they'd been out drinking rule was Radek. I love his new hair cut. Kudos to him.

The ep was alright, but it felt a little awkward. There were like too many weird conversations or I don't know the interactions were off. I can't really put my finger on it, but it felt like C or D grade Sci-fi, not the normal super awesome B grade.

I thought it was interesting having Woolsey there and I liked his addition, but I think one thing that bothered me was that there wasn't a lot of interaction between the cast in one on one situations. Teyla and Jennifer and John and Woolsey were the only small one on one scenes in the whole ep and it kind of bothered me. (When I say one on one I mean besides the smallish scenes in which two characters are working or talking in technobabble (Teyla & Rodney; Teyla & Radek)

Anyway, the dynamic was off, and I think this is mainly because we didn't see a lot of the flagship team, Teyla being the exception. When I say see, I mean hear, because Rodney and Ronon were there, but they didn't really do anything besides look annoyed or worried or whatever.

I did like Rodney's faces during the conference room scene, but eh.

Overall the ep was a little tepid. Bonus points for Radek's haircut, John's, 'That wasn't the weirdest thing about that timeline' line, and Woolsey's realization that YES INDEED! You may have to break the rules after all. meh.

On another note, I got a new roommate today, she's like the size of my pinky and she's currently asleep snoring across the room. She seems okay, but I dunno, the going to bed at like 11:30 thing is going to get annoying... I kind of don't care about the roommate situation anymore, It looks like 11 roommated and I'm over the whole thing.. eh.
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