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So the creepiest fucking thing happened earlier.

My roommate and I were playing 'Hudson Valley in a box' a local, Hudson Valley edition of Monopoly, and I had the creepiest thing happen.

Okay, so a while ago, I had a dream that Emily and I (Emily is the roommate) were playing a board game with colored money and the center of the board had ugly ass text and it was my turn. In the dream I dreamed that I had rolled and moved my game piece, but thinking I had rolled doubles I picked up the dice to roll again. Well in the dream I misread the dice so Emily says 'wait...' and reaches out to move my piece back. Then, IN THE DREAM I get a sense of deja vu and comment on it, then I drop the dice onto the table by accident because I'm weirded out. Then I get up and go sit in the chair in the living room because I'm so weirded out, then I woke up.

I told that dream to Emily and Amber after I had it, saying I had a weird ass dream where we were playing a weird board game. I didn't go into detail at the time because it was a weird dream and whatever.

So then tonight my dream happened EXACTLY as I experienced it in the dream, except with a slight change. So I had moved my game piece and went to roll again but right when Emily reached out and said, 'wait' I got triggered with the sense of deja vu and the experience and the memory of the dream came flooding back to me. I was so creeped out that I was experiencing the whole thing again and in detail that I said something like 'OMG Deja Vu,' but it was a weirder stronger sense of deja vu; deja vu AND a memory of the dream. I then experienced the dream all over again and because I was freaked out about the whole deja vu experience and the repetition of the dream, I went to set the dice down, but I just sort of dropped them in shock. Well right before I dropped the dice, I experienced myself dropping the dice from memory and knew I had to change things. The feeling of doing everything so pre-concieved felt so utterly wrong and it was instinct for me to, in essence, change things. I couldn't stop myself from dropping the dice, but as soon as I dropped the dice I felt the urge, simply based on my level of weirded-outness to get up and go sit in the living room, to get away from the game board. However, because I had had the dream and I knew that was what I had done I just stopped and stayed sitting there, saying something to Emily like, 'No I can't go sit there' Then, because I had changed things it was over.

I think that was the freakiest, weirdest experience of my life. I don't even give a crap if you all think I'm nuts, until you experience that exact moment exactly the way I do, you will never know.
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