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Yeah, school and fish...

So yesterday was badness... I think I'm better.

How are you all? I'm getting ready to start my second on ground class. Hopefully things will go okay.

So my roommates and I stole our ex-roommate's fish. Yep. We stole a fish. He's this poor little betta who hadn't been fed in like weeks. I swear I think the old roommate never fed him and she forgot to take him home or take care of him over breaks and when she went home for a week in May. Her neglect really pissed us off so we liberated him. We've named him Sir Reginald Assingham of Beverly. I wanted to name him Beverly because that would have been a kick ass name for a fish, but my roommates and I each gave him a name, Amber named him Reginald and Emily gave him his last name of Assingham. I'm calling him Reggie.

Anyway, the ex roomie's boyfriend is supposed to come pick up the fish today, but I have class all day and my roommates aren't going to answer the door, so all is good.

On another school related note, Okay, so you know those girls in the work place who are bitches to other girls because they feel threatened or whatever? Yeah, I think I'm one of those girls. Not because I feel threatened, okay well not really because I feel threatened, but more because I look at the girls who cluster together and work on their designs with each other, I kind of have less respect for them. I don't dislike all girls in my major, there are certain girls I like talking to or hanging out in class with, but for some reason most girls in my major irritate the fuck out of me. I tend to get along more with boys in my major because we're all very independantly focused and really into our own thing and can relate, we all have a need to take charge in a way. Most girls in graphic design tend to cluster together and talk or hang out, not like the fashion bitches, they're not mean or anything, but they really only socialize with each other.

I dunno, maybe I'm acting all weirdly primitive and trying to be the alpha female or whatever, but when I see them all talking and clustered and asking each other what they think I get annoyed.

I don't think I'm jealous, because like all my friends are girls, but I just get annoyed that they cluster and socialize and aren't independantly driven.

Guys in my major seem to be really independant and focused (during school anyway) and they don't socialize a ton, but they do socialize a bit.

I don't know, I think I'm just really weird. You know how boys have a feminine side, well maybe my masculine side is my inner designer. I don't know.

I'm sorry to be rambling but I'm actually surprised that I have stuff to talk about.

I went to Au Bon Pain today and got a sandwich, drink, and a cheese danish. I had the cheese danish and it was GOOOOOOOOD, but I'm waiting till later for the sandwich.

I'm really scatter brained right now...

I think I'm going to just drop my online class and take four classes and then take five my next two quarters. I know it will be rough, but I think I need to take the summer off, if for no other reason than I need a break and that I want to get my portfolio in order.

So recently I started counting calories and yesterday I effectively fell off the wagon. I was sick of eating like nothing. Meh. I think I'll go back on the wagon tomorrow, seeing as how I ate a freaking cheese danish.

Anyway, I've gotta go, class is about to start.
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