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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Harry Potter - Emma Neener

So you know...

those people who are like so awesome in fandom?

They make you laugh and they have awesome fic, they seem really personable and they've got that sarcastic funny way about them that makes their opinions matter to you in ways that astound you.

Yeah the cool kids in fandom, I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love them because they're awesome and funny and confident, but I also hate them because I mean wtf, I want to be that cool for one and two, they seem to be those people who have strong opinions that you don't nessecarily agree with 100% of the time, but because they're funny and engaging you find yourself agreeing with them and changing your own opinions which are stupid when you look at them from these cool people's perspective and so you end up feeling weirdly dumb when you're hanging out in their journals. And then three, you know how they always post snatches of conversations they've had with other cool people on aim or through journals or whatever(and they're always poignant and funny because they're of course talking to other cool people) and you end up feeling sad and slightly pathetic because you never talk to anyone on aim let alone anyone cool and you don't have fascinating revealing fandom conversations about how John/Dean/House/Harry did that thing and it's because they had some obscure childhood trama and they angsted and impregnated someone or something bizarre that didn't happen but is amusingly hilarious, and of course since you never had that conversation you can't go and post the snatchet in your journal.

Anyway, the cool kids are always bringing us normal people down in some for or another, it's just odd to me to have cool kids in the un-cool kids club. It's a walking talking oxymoron.

But anyway...

Back to the burgh today... poop.


Yeah...sometimes LJ feels just like school.
And at the age of 28 I'm still not one of the cool kids *pouts*
Actually, I think it's worse than school.

I might not have been one of the cool kids, but I was one of the smart kids so the cool kids had to suck up to me 'cause otherwise they were so gonna fail. Revenge was mine! *cackles ev0lly*

Plus, most of the cool kids here are nice cool kids.

And at the age of 28 I'm still not one of the cool kids *pouts*

*pets you* If it makes you feel better? I'd totally fangirl you. We not-cool kids gotta stick together ;)
Yeah, I've never really looked at it from a school type perspective, mainly because the cool kids are off doing there own thing, not really putting anyone down or trying to be something they're not, but eh well.

It's okay, not being one of the cool kids is secretly cool. :p
Made perfectly sense to me. Only, y'know, from where I'm standing you're one of the cool kids too.

Other than that, I so know what you mean. But at least I got my own opinion, now. I don't agree with them anymore just because they're cool. It's my ticket to being cool because clearly, to be one of the cool kids you need a different opinion than anyone else. You couldn't make revealing and compelling posts about those otherwise, could you?
Aww shucks, thanks. :P You're a cool kid too, we're all cool kids because we aren't one of the cool kids.

Also, touche because by my/your definition you're on your way. :P
It's all cool, been in this boat a while, I'm glad I could help define. ;)
Dude, I know exactly what you mean.

I think that being one of the cool kids is always attractive no matter how old we are or how beyond that stage we think we are.

I'd love to be famous on the internets, but after three years, I don't think it's gonna happen. LOL At least I've got an awesome flist to talk to.
I'm glad. :P

Yeah, it's funny, because I never really thought about being one of the cool kids like something relating to HS, but it really kind of does. Eh well.

Internet Fame is seriously like one of the better but lesser known fames.