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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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SGA - Teyla/Ronon

I have a theory... that it could be bunnies

Just kidding.

No I have a theory about SGA. You know Ronon's painting from 4x03 "Reunion"? The one that Rodney tried to snatch?

Well I'm thinking that Lorne painted it. Yep. Ronon and John and their team along with Carson and Lorne and Radek and Elizabeth all had a secret Santa for the third Christmas on Atlantis and Lorne decided to paint Ronon a picture of him and his fellow Satedans winning the war of all wars against the wraith. Not only that but I have devised how the secret Santa came out

Person - Person they drew - What they got for the person they drew
Lorne – Ronon - Painting
Ronon – Teyla – A taditional Satedan Sword
Teyla – Carson – Hand Woven Blanket
Carson – Elizabeth – Compendium of Oscar Wilde’s stories
Elizabeth – Radek – A crappy sweater she knitted
Radek – John – a new football and the location of the best surfing on Lantea
John – Rodney – A month’s supply of coffee and two lbs of chocolate
Rodney – Lorne - (Rodney bitched and bitched because he didn't know what to get Lorne and he begged to trade with Ronon and Teyla but no luck, so he got Lorne a new canvas and a couple new tubes of paint.

Yep, I have no life sometimes.
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No knowlege of SGA whatsoever besides some dusted in s1 memories but the entry title sure hit my Buffy kink ;)
Well I'm glad I could put a kink in your chain. :P