Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Random Letters

Dear WNCI,

Quit playing ghetto music. You used to be the awesomest radio station but what the fuck is with all of the rap and hip hop. Stop trying to be ghetto and go back to being mainly pop/rock.

I mean seriously, if I hear more rap I'm totally going to just stop listening.

No Love,

Dear 97.1,

Quit trying to emulate WNCI, you're better than that.

No love,

Dear SGA,



Dear Ford Car Company,

You're shooting yourselves in the foot without better deals.

The Escape is a piece of shit compared to the Edge.

I hate you for making me feel like I'm worthless.

Fuck you temporarily.

No love,

Dear Grandma,

I want to rant to you about stealing my food and drinking my pop but I can't because you're my grandma and you're 83.


Dear self,

Yeah, it would be nice to have therapy, but whatever. Stop thinking you're failing. Stop having unrealistic dreams, but you know, widen your definitions of unrealistic and realistic. Don't worry if you don't get more work done, you have more time than you think. The OCD thing is weird and I know you like it/don't but I dunno what to say, I would say to stop, but that's being harsh and bottling up everything. Talk to people who support you more, not just Mom. Keep up with your relationship with your grandparents. You'll achieve your desire for what you want, just stick to the plan and be happy. Stop feeling so alone. I know you can't get certain thoughts out of your head, and that's okay, but the miserable feelings you get won't get you attention as much as you want them to. People aren't as observant as you are, understand that and realize that you have to speak. It's okay to be afraid. You know how Mom is, wait for the right time to talk, you know when that is. Don't force the issue. Don't worry so much, life will get better in all the ways you want it to, but understand that it will get worse in other areas. Understand that your unrealistic ideas of life when you were 8, 14, 20 are still that...unrealistic. Don't assume, not with your life-Make happen what you want. Change can be bad, and you know when it will be great, just understand that if you think change will be bad it won't nessesarily, if you feel that it will be bad it could be bad or it could be good/bad/okay. You aren't the greatest designer in your class, you're not going to fail though. Stop being an extremist when it comes to your skills. I know you don't understand how certain people's designs can be so good, but have faith that your teachers know what they are doing. You know what looks proffessional and what doesn't. Remember, you're still learning. Stop worrying so much about a style or your identity as a designer. Remember to flush out your ideas, overwork the thumbs. Work harder than you ever have, but understand that it's okay to have breaks. Remember, being who you are is okay. You don't have to be perfect. Figure out how to get what you want and do it. Be disciplined, don't flake out because it's hard. It's okay to live in Columbus, as much as you don't want to agree with Mom it's home. Don't worry about death or future events, just have faith in your own religious views, you know who you are and what you believe. No matter what you do and what happens and how many times you put yourself down about how selfish and narcisstic and stupid you are, no matter how big your ego will get on the inside, remember that you aren't perfect and that's okay. Remember that you are unique and beautiful in how you see life and that as cheesy as this letter is, it's okay to be cheesy. Remember that you will never be perfect and that's okay and you will never be a failure, and that's okay. Remember to believe in yourself.

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