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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Firefly - Jayne Whip it out

So I've noticed...

That there are these types of people who talk and talk and talk to you, and you're half listening to them and you think they're kinda interesting but then they don't.shut.up and they never ask about you besides pleasantries and you're just forced to listen to them because they're nice people and you think they're interesting but when you spend 20 minutes listening about how they met their boyfriend or how they got their dog and you don't even really care that the boyfriend used to live in Michigan and now he's in a band and the band's name is Blah and blah and blah.

Yeah, so these people seem to think that any polite semi-interested person in them wants to hear their lifestory. Yeah No.

These people annoy me.
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You aren't the only one! I know I have a tendency to talk to much and that's usually when I am nervous and want to make an impression. But after being told I was an awful person and listener I shut my trap. And now people like you described get on my last nerve. Especially when the info they are talking about is nothing that concerns you or you wanted to know.
Exactly! Like yes, I care that you have a boyfriend, but unless I ask the exact details of how you met DON'T TELL THEM TO ME! Gosh.

Nervous talking is one thing though. These people are self-confidant. I've now encountered two of them. One is my good friend who only does this occasionally, but the other one OH MAN SHUT UP. lol