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Graphic Design: A lesson in Masochism

Yeah, so I really like my new teacher's outlook on assignments and due dates. He's very strict and he has all these rules and he grades you a certain way and he observes his class in a certain way and he doesn't believe in hand holding and everything he is saying sounds great because he's just telling me everything I've been wanting - objective grading. What I say by that is that he's grading everyone based on what he expects without comparing. At least that's what it sounds like. I've heard he's a semi-sucky teacher so who knows what will actually happen but I guess I'll see.

I love graphic design. The prospect of coming up with a new concept and a new idea, working through designs and getting that assignment is love to me. Like I get physically happy and excited over the prospect of some assignments. It's only later, after problems or once clients become involved that I get anxious, annoyed, and I don't like my field.

I guess I'm just learning that GD is a process and even though it's hard and long (*snicker*) there are parts of it that I like and that I just have to ignore the bad and work with the good.

One piece of advice my teacher said today was, 'Don't worry about whether your designs are good.' and his rationale for it just hit me in the right way and it made me feel better. I don't know, but I felt optimistic at a point in the week when my hopes were lower than low.

I have to learn as a person that life will work itself out and that if you have faith in what you're doing and how you're doing it then everything will be alright.

I guess that's my motto for right now. Have faith.

P.S. Yesterday if you're wondering was just badness and depression. I'm feeling better today and I don't really want to talk about it because even thinking about my own personal drama makes me feel tired and annoyed, so let us just leave it to yesterday.

One thing I've never really felt before - I miss my mom. I'm homesick for like the first time that I can consciously identify.
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