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Easter and crap

So it's Spring Break and I'm home in the apartment alone. The whore roommate moved out without getting checked out by the RAs so sometime today I am expecting them to knock on the door and ask about the apartment.

My other two roommates have gone home and I'm here. Amber and I went out and hung out around the city all morning before coming back here. So we had stayed up all night and then I went to bed around 2 and then I woke up around 12:30 sick with a sore throat and my nose has been running all day.

Fuck getting sick.

I got back 3 of my grades. *shrug* I don't really care about grades anymore, it's all about developing good designs for me and stuff that is better than everyone else's.

I cleaned and reorganized my room two nights ago. I'm currently in the process of cleaning the living room and kitchen. I was sweeping a bit ago but I had to stop because I felt crappy. I feel like I have so much to do this break and I know I'm only going to get a fraction of it done. I need to do laundry and clean the apartment. I have to work on some stuff for portfolio and I really want to develop some new pieces for it. I would also like to get started on a painting that I want to do. I doubt I'll be able to get everything done though.

I stopped taking my anti-depressants and vitamins about two weeks ago and today I'm really feeling the depression. I hate being depressed so much. I hate it because it's like life is so useless. I really just don't even care. I'm so pissed that I woke up sick or whatever, considering I was sick like a month and a half ago, and that's just making me feel so bitchy and pissy that I really just I don't even know.

I don't really feel much like talking anymore right now.
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