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So I found this little profile on some random website. I have a feeling it was an interview type thing from shortly after the Days of Our Lives fame.

Some interesting facts:

Love Status: Single
Biggest Extravagance: Electronics of all kinds - stereos, TVs, computers, games, everything. Just don't ask him to fix anything!
Pets: A pound puppy named Dallas
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Food: Pasta, preferably with red meat sauce
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Spot: Colorado's Rocky Mountains. He loves to ski and hike.
Favorite Spectator Sport: Football
Favorite Participant Sport: Football and horseback riding
Favorite Junk Food: Granola bars
Favorite TV Show: Party of Five
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite Time Of Year: Definitely Christmas - the holidays, the cold, the lights, the spirit
Favorite Saying: "If it happens, it happens. If not, it wasn't meant to be."
Favorite Charity: Young Life. It's a Christian organization for high school teens, a youth ministry. They offer outings and ski trips, and have a camp.
Most Unusual Job: Except for helping his uncle with his moving company, he's never had anything but acting jobs.
Most Treasured Possession: A necklace. When his best friend was killed by a drunk driver, everyone in our circle had his initials tattooed on their ankle. Being in acting, he made a beaded necklace in his honor instead. It's blue, his favorite color, and black.
Greatest Fear: Changing who he is. Becoming too Hollywood.
Greatest Wish: To have a wonderful family of his own.
Pet Peeves: People leaving things out where they don't belong.
Professional Goal: The big screen.
Personal Goal: Falling in love, finding a life mate.
Best Personal Trait: Patience
Worst Personal Trait: Putting off doing his laundry.
Role Models: He looks to his dad a lot.
What Makes Him Angry: Running late, getting caught in traffic and being delayed.
If I Wasn't Acting, I'd Be: He'd be in school studying sports medicine.
Most Embarrassing Moment: He was about 13 at the time, doing a photo shoot for a catalog on the Southern Methodist University campus. The jeans were about three sizes too small, so they cut out the back and opened the leg - it looked fine from the front but the back was missing. Suddenly, the period bell rang, and students flooded out of every building as he stood there with my rear end hanging out. It was not a fun moment!

So Jensen is a neat freak who is pretty into God (at least at that time) and I dunno for some reason notice how he said 'life mate?' I mean, I dunno about that. Hmmm...
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