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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - SamColorful


What the hell. The episode was really really good, but what the hell? Did anyone else hate the lack of closure at the end?

Does anyone else get the gnawing feeling that every episode is an episode that is preparing us for the actuality that Dean is going to die and not come back on the show?

I mean this was one of my original Dean's Deal theories, and every once in a while I watch a new ep and it feels like another step in that direction. I feel like they're trying to prepare us for the inevitable...

The ep on the whole was good, the end was cracked.


Interesting insight by using the star wars reference. I never would have caught that could-be parallel.
I don't think Dean will die permanently. I agree with the other commenter that he might die temporarily and come back evil or a demon or even just die and come back alright. But I don't think he'll die permanently.

I think what you were sensing at the end is that Sam realizes now exactly what and who he will become when Dean is gone. He was worried about being able to step up to the plate but clearly that's not a problem. He now knows he would kill an innocent person if that what it takes to bring Dean back and he's got to live with knowing that. I tink that's the weird lack of closure there.
You're probably right. I didn't think about the ending like that, I just kind of need the extra dialog to fill in the exposition sometimes. :)