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Pittsburgh and beyond

So Tiffany has been staying with me, my roomates haven't minded, Emily really likes her and my in-room roommate is actually moving out. I talked to my RA and she said that I might not even get a new roommie. Chances are I will though.

So I started classes yesterday morning and HOLY CRAP. I have soooo much work. My morning class is Design Team Production in which my team (6 people) are an advertising agency and we are putting together an ad campaign for Doritos. We each have a team role and I am the Account Executive (Team leader.) I'm really psyched about this because that's the job I wanted and when we all met to discuss who wanted what we all wanted different jobs. So far we have to do a survey for our product and create a creative brief. It's going to be a lot of work, but hopefully we'll walk away successful.

I also had my first Economics class. The teacher wasn't too bad, he had a heavy accent, but I could understand him.

My online class, Ethics, I dropped because the teacher was a douche bag. One of the questions was 'Do you believe in God?' So I responded and he responded saying that I needed references and such. I was like fuck that. Plus it was my fifth class, so I could drop it.

My afternoon class today wasn't too bad. I'm a little disappointed because it's Packaging Graphics and we're only having two projects, a cd case (which I've already done in another class), and a wrapper. I mean that doesn't really cover the whole field of Packaging graphics does it? Eh.

I have one more class tonight, Corporate Identity, and then the second half of Economics tomorrow. I just want this week to be over. Yargh.

It's been really cool having Tiffy here. I really don't want her to leave. She's such an awesome person and I hate that she's not here anymore. I know she probably won't come back to AIP, at least while I'm here, but she could still go to school here in Pburgh which would rock. Oh man. Okay, well I'm not gonna think about this anymore.

That's all for now. :)
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