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Crappy Day

So my illustration class, the last class of the quarter started today at 12:45, guess what time I woke up? 12:43 After like literally 6 minutes of intense gettingdressedomgbrushingteethomgbackpack! I managed to get to class by 1. I still feel like crap that I was late. I haven't been late and I haven't missed any of this class all quarter. Because I was late I didn't get to have mine critiqued, and blah I just feel crappy.

So it's rainy and gross out and my apartment is a mess and I have so much to get done before christmas. It's insane.

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to check out y'all's journals or comment back but until like Saturday I am swamped.

I have to get out those logo prelims for the TCW and I'm running out of time and GAH!BREATHEEMILY!

1) TCW logos
2) Finalize Speech project
3) Small x-mas paintings
4) Business card mock-ups
5) Clean
6) T's Hat
7) Big x-mas painting
8) Scarves
9) Pack for home
10) Re-organize room
11) Clean out fridge
12) Freak out about mom's book
13) Write design guide/print design guide

Oh man. I have so much to get done.

On another note, my roomates and I ended up staying up all night Saturday and talking, then around 7:30 on Sunday we went to CVS together, but CVS doesn't open until 10 so we wandered around and then went to McDonalds and then after CVS we fed the pigeons. It was fun. We are also starting a weblog thingie with this TripleH action figure I have. It will be awesome.

Anyway, I'll talk more later, probably when I'm home and/or done with all this.
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