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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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House - Red Souldier


So I got an email from the Committe For Transformative Works today. I sent them my resume a while back and it looks like they're interested in having me create their journaling site logo as well as a flyer/poster for them. I can't wait! :)

I also am having a bitch of a time with one of my finals. My last speech, a research paper/group speech is killing me. My group is talking about the desensitization of people and ethical decay due to sex and violence in the media and I'm completely tapped out. I can't really find much info and I'm having trouble because my teacher said that we can only have two internet sources total. It's all just bullshit.

Man I hate this. I just have to keep telling myself that it is only for another week. Eugh.

In other news, I was playing Oregon Trail online today. It was fun and weirdly addictive.

I also miss my TV. :(


I know! It sucks so bad. It's weird because our teacher, he's like 28. His whole thing is that because we go to art school we don't really know how to do traditional research. I call bullshit on that, my last speech had me researching for like 6 hours.

My group picked the research topic, but the way we're working it is that we're each writing for a different age group, I have to write/speak for senior citizens and that's just hell on wheels. There is oodles of research out there for children and teens, but not much else. It kind of sucks.

Thanks for the congrats, I'm totally looking forward to the experience. :)
Oh wow. Good for you on doing the journal site. That's a super big deal.
Thanks hun! :D