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I am exhausted.

Is it weird that I just compared LJ to prison? At least in my head? I was thinking about the flagging buttons and fandom and I was thinking about all those people who flag. It's like if you flag you're a snitch and you get exiled or something.

As far as the whole blanket settings things goes, I'm not sure what the correct setting for me would be, I mean I feel for those 16, 17 year olds just looking to read some fic, but I don't wanna get punted off LJ for writing NC-17 crap. Part of me kind of likes the blanketing/settings option, I feel like maybe this will keep the ghey christian sponsor renobs off LJs back for a while. I just want us to get through to the fandom community lj-clone site thing, so two years or maybe three.

Eh. Anyway.

I've been sleeping weirdly lately and it's weird. I've been taking the Zoloft, but like I have these up days and down days. Not really depressed and not-depressed, but like days where I have a lot of energy and days where I wear PJs all day. It's weird.

I have finals coming up Gurgh. I've got a couple pages of research paper to write and a speech to prepare for, I also have a colored pencil project and another TBD project. It's not a huge work load, but I also have a handful of Xmas presents to finish/start.

OH! I went to The Exchange today and sold like 12 CDs and made 16 bucks. I coulda got 22 in store credit, but I needed the cash. Plus I sold my roomate 2 CDs or 5 bucks so all in all I made 21 dollars off of like 15 CDs, not bad for old crap that I didn't want anymore.

In other news my current roomate has moved most of her stuff out. She stripped her bed tonight and she literally has like a pair of shoes, her desk, a plant, and like 5 boxes on her side of the room. I'll be sad to see her go, I think she's been awesome.

I kind of hung out with my other roomate tonight, she's pretty nice, very shy, but once you get her talking and open her up she's pretty cool. She's pretty introverted, but very polite and nice.

I hope that my new roomie isn't a ghey first quarter student. Knowing my luck it'll be a first quarter fashion bitch. Eugh. I mentioned to my friend Ash that she could move in, it's up to her though so I dunno what she wants to do.

I'm still watch Gilmore girls obsessively, I'm almost through S6 and jeez. I'm actually starting to like Logan - weird, I know.

I guess that's it for now. Sorry about the length. :)
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