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Random things of today

Bah. It rained like a mother effer. My pants have been wet all day. Broke in my new boots, I love them.

Went to student council, brought up some stuff. All sounds okey dokey.

Got an A on my Stephen Colbert painting, one of 3 As in the class.

I've been tired all day, almost didn't go to school today because I was so tired.

Want my Gilmore Girls download to FINISH!

Ordered pizza for dinner, a belated thanksgiving for me. :)

I have to work on school work tomorrow and I REALLY don't want to

My phone charger broke the other day. I have to hold it together to make calls.

My package from Mom should come tomorrow

I found out that any school supplies I buy through the school for a class I can write off, I'm gonna get at least 100 bucks back. Yay!

Thats all.
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