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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Dean eyes

SPN Fic: Sinners and Saints (6/?) (S/D)

Title: Sinners and Saints
Author: emella
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Undeathfic. And ya know, the whole gay incest thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em.
Spoilers: Dead Man's Blood. Eventual General AHBL/Season 3.
Summary: Vampires mate for life. "The girl is whimpering now..."

Previous Parts here.

The blood. They can smell it from here, the copper-spice scent of it is so enticing. Dean’s fangs itch in his gums and the scent fills his nostrils. He can’t escape it. The girl is crying, tied up in the corner, a virgin, something in him whispers. All pure and clean, she can’t be older than 16. Sam’s frozen in place; he can smell it now too. They haven’t fed in two days and the smell is so strong.

The girl is whimpering now, “Please, please help me. Please.” Crying and begging.

This is the first hunt they’ve been on since they changed and Dean is now understanding why this might not be a good idea. They got rid of the poltergeist that was haunting the girl’s house, but not before it could kill the girl’s cat and torture her a bit.

She whimpers again and before Dean can process what he’s doing he’s stepping forward. His hands shake as he reaches for the rope strapped across her body. Her chest heaves with her sobs and Dean can see the soft supple swell of her breasts. She’s pale and milky white, Dean’s fangs slice across his tongue - he would love to just sink his teeth in. He can practically feel the blood in her veins.

Sam sounds nervous, “Dean?”

Dean doesn’t look at him, just reaches behind the girl and cuts her ropes loose. He doesn’t remember pulling out his knife, but he hasn’t taken his eyes off the girl and the only thing he’s really thinking about is the sound of her blood rushing through her body.

She jumps up as soon as she’s free and lunges at Dean, hugging him around the middle. “Thank you, thank you, oh my God, thank you.”

She’s still crying and Dean can practically taste the salt of her tears. His fangs ache with the need to sink into her flesh. She would be so sweet, like ripe fruit ready to be plucked.

Sam steps forward, poised for action. Dean’s not sure whether he’s going to save the girl or join in should Dean decide to rip into her and take what he wants.

Thankfully, before Dean can do anything, the girl breaks away and backs off, heading toward the basement stairs. Sam and Dean stare at each other for a minute before they warily follow her.


Three hours later Dean has Sam plastered to an alley wall, filthy and grimy. His tongue is in Sam’s throat and they’re making out like teenagers. The dead junkie on the ground a few feet away had tasted like candy.

Sam breaks the kiss and gasps. “Shouldn’t of. So close, almost ripped her throat out.” Sam’s eyes are closed and Dean’s lips are on his neck.

Dean only grunts in response. They almost killed that girl tonight, but they didn’t, and that’s what matters.

They’ll have to be more careful in the future, feed before hunts, and avoid bleeding victims. Sam thinks that yeah, they’ll be fine, they can avoid it, it'll all work out. Dean doesn’t have any such illusions. One day they’ll slip up and the victim will wind up dead, but that day’s not today and for now everything’s still okay.

Part 7


You've made them strong!!! I like the part where Dean fights with himself. Taste her virginity blood or let it be. I absolutely adore this story. Can't wait to read more.
Thanks! :D I'm glad you like it.
Awesome awesome story! I love how they have these little moralistic dilemmas, because you know that they would. Nature vs. Nurture how long can they hold out?
These questions flesh out what would normally be another boys turned vamp story. (not that theres anything wrong with those either)
Its just it feels more real and satisfying when you have these feelings that they fight against
anyhooot---just thought id let you know that I really enjoying the story! :-)
I think this chapter is a perfect descritpion of the whole "Sinners& Saints".

Wonderful job.
It's weird, how you manage to describe such an emotional situation so objectively...

go on^^


Who they are now is so complex, their position so conflicted and intense. It's fucking awesome!


Are they really holding out? Why do they even think they're holding off anything if they're killing innocent people?
Despite all the damage a junkie may be doing to themselves, do they really deserve to die?
Just caught up. Enjoying the mythology you got going here. It'll be interesting to see what it takes to get them to mess up and take on of their victims. Also seeing them avoid other hunters will be interesting too.
I hope they don't turn on a victim for a long while.
I'm such a prude - I'm worried about them drinking junkie blood - I guess the drugs don't effect them.