Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Fic Recs #2

Ok, I was talking to the lovely lunabee34 aka Lorraine about fics and my organized folders of bookmarked fun, and I got to thinking; who says I can't rec Non-LJ fics? So I made a list. Have fun!

The Bruised Series. By Lar
The NightLife Series by Christina Melani

Dissonance Series by ethrosdemon

In Bleak Midwinter & the sequel Often and Silently by Jet
For Giving by Benaresque
Tame & the sequel Feral by Benaresque

Days of Our Unlives by Jess and Donna
Big Exit by Amerella
The Clockwork Vampire Series by Spirit
Some Comfort There by WesleysGirl
The My Chile series by SaberShadowKitten(scroll down)
The Absence Deminishes Little series by SaberShadowKitten(scroll down)
Duck's S/A Fiction
S/A fiction by Jenny

Chevachee by Peasant
Sweet William by Peasant
Wild Demonic Fauna by Peasant
Queen's Gambit & the sequel Demon's Aria and the sequel Master's Voice by Josey
A Winter's Tale and the sequel Temper(UnFinished) by Coquette

Tons of Angel/Spike, William/Angelus, Angelus/Spike, Puppet!Angel/Spike (Those two guys etc. etc.):
Captain Peroxide & Deadboy Archive

Quantum Xander and the sequel Quantum Xander II by Jameschick
We're Not Gay... by Julietheyounger
And Now For Something Completely Different series by Sabershadowkitten(scroll down)
The Stranger Things Series by Esmeralda
Joined at the Hip by Spurglie

Nicolette says Jump by Kalima(WARNING:Het sex)
Perdition Catch My Soul by Estephia
The Sands of Time series by Gila and Wolfling
Sidelines by Anna S

Group or Multiple Pairings:
A Matter of... series by Kay
The Soft Insanity of Time by Sajinn

The Saádriel Series by Sajinn

Incredibly Pale an Angel/Oz Archive.
Unwanted Gifts by Wesleysgirl (A/Wes)
Inner Geekdom an Andrew/Xander archive.

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