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SPN Fic: Sinners and Saints (4/?) (S/D)

Title: Sinners and Saints
Author: emella
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Undeathfic. And ya know, the whole gay incest thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em.
Spoilers: Dead Man's Blood. Eventual General AHBL/Season 3.
Summary: Vampires mate for life. "Dean finds Sam’s lips in the dark..."
Author's Note: WOW! I FINALLY wrote some SPN smut. Oh man thank god.

Previous Parts here.

Sam wakes up an hour before sundown. His eyes just spring open, and Dean knows he’s awake in the same instant that Sam does. They’re in a motel room on the outskirts of Chicago, dingy and odd-smelling. They don’t speak, but as soon as their eyes meet they both feel that hunger that inner voice calling out mate.

Before all this happened they’d never even considered sex or love or whatever the hell this was. They were brothers, simple as that. That’s the most shocking thing, Dean woke up and knew, Sam, Vampires mate for life and when they find their mate they just know. Dean didn’t even have to search.

Sam didn’t know he was Dean’s mate, obviously, at that point he was only Dean’s brother, and if you asked Sam why he did it, he wouldn’t have an answer. He doesn’t have a logical explanation as to why he just let Dean turn him. He would say that instinct took over but that’s some kind of sick joke. You’re in a car with a blood-thirsty creature you get the fuck out of there, you don’t just offer your neck up on a platter. Sam likes to think it wasn’t so much as giving in to a vampire, but giving in to Dean.

Here in this moment they won’t worry about why or how or what, here in this moment they’re just Sam and Dean.

Dean's up in an instant, across the room in a second. Dean finds Sam’s lips in the dark of the room, thick curtains casting a rust-colored glow across the room, and Dean’s lips are softer than Sam would have thought. They start off gently, lips gentle and tentative. When Sam opens his mouth though, the heat from deep inside just starts to burn and it’s like an oven. Lust springs forth in an eternal fount of want.

Dean’s knees bracket Sam’s thighs as he leans over Sam on the bed. He pulls Sam’s shirt over his head, frantically searching for skin. They tear at each other’s clothes, lips and teeth and tongues and fangs meeting wildly. Their skin burns despite the fact that they have no body temperature. The fever between them grows as skin meets skin.

Sam flips them over, rising above Dean and biting his bottom lip. Dean arches into his kiss, head thrown back. Their hips press together and Sam growls in need. Sam twists slightly and just there, his dick lines up with Dean's. Sam grunts and he wraps his hand around both of their cocks. He presses them together and begins jerking evenly.

Dean’s fingers clutch at the bed sheets and his eyes clench shut. He gasps and Sam’s lips find his jaw, biting his way down Dean’s neck. His human teeth scrape off the arch of Dean’s throat.

Dean thrusts up into Sam’s palm, his cock rubbing up against Sam.

They’re panting against one another, Sam jerking his wrist faster than humanly possible, and Dean clutching at him. Dean's hands have found their way to Sam’s back and his nails dig in, skin reddening beneath the onslaught.

Dean’s fingers dig one final time into Sam’s tender skin and he arches back, come spurting over Sam’s hand to land on his stomach. He’s panting and stretching, toes curled and muscles clenched as his body screams out in pleasure.

Sam twists his wrist one last time and his cock jerks in his hand. His fangs descend as he comes and before he can think he’s just sinking his teeth into Dean’s neck, thick, hot, sweet blood blossoming on his tongue.

It’s pretty much the best orgasm either one of them has had. Ever. Sam collapses on top of Dean as their breathing slows. They don’t need to breathe, but after so many years it’s still habit.

After a few minutes Dean shoves Sam off of him and they lay side by side.

“Sam?” Dean runs a finger through the come congealing on his stomach.

“Yeah?” Sam’s eyes are closed; he’s sort of drifting in and out of sleep.

“I know I’m new to this whole gay-sex, vampire, fucking-my-brother thing, but that was awesome.” He says it in an amused way, like he just saw something cool on TV.

Sam just grunts in agreement and lets out a small sleepy noise.

Part 5
Tags: fic, sinners & saints, slash fic, supernatural

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