Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Um crappiness

So this is what happened. So today, I was sitting at my desk when the smoke detector in our room goes off. So I leave my bedroom to see our living room/kitchen area filled with smoke.

So it turns out my roomate was frying something with oil and it started to smoke. So then she and I are trying to get the smoke out of the room, fanning and what not, and the oil is still smoking. So she turns off the stove and I suggest that she dump it out (at the time I didn't know what it was. So she or I (I can't remember who) turn on the water and she dumps out the oil and it bursts into smoke and splashes all over my arm. Boiling hot oil burning my arm.

So I get some cold water on it and it hurts but not as bad as I thought and then we got the smoke detectors to stop. So then I'm sitting there with my arm in cold water and it just keeps burning and getting hotter. So my mom says I should go to an urgent care center. So I call a friend, L, who has a car and I ask her if she can take me, she says yes and she's on her way to the dorm (walking) right now. She wants to just drop her stuff off and then she'll call me. So after about 25 minutes, my arm is burning really bad and I'm shaking.

I call my other friend, Ash, so Ash comes up with her roomate B and they look at it and then Ash says that she's gonna go with me to the hospital and she and B go and put their shoes on and they also go to get L. (She was heading to their room when I called her.) So 10 minutes later they come up to my room without L and say that L is being a douche bag and won't take me to the hospital. At that point I didn't even care, I was so just wanting my arm to stop burning. So Ash called another friend who wasn't home and anyway we ended up going down to talk to the RAs. They said that we could either take a taxi or take an ambulance so I said taxi, but I needed to get the cash at the atm.

So it ends up that B walks me to the ATM and Ash calls a taxi. We get the cash and then we end up waiting for like an hour outside my dorm in the 40 degree weather (with no coat on for me due to the burns) for the taxi before Ash and I finally just take the school trolley to about five blocks away from the hospital. We walk the five blocks and I get checked in and then we wait for two hours. The doctor finally sees me and he puts some gel on my arm and wrapped it up and we took a taxi home.

That's my big story of the day. My burns still kind of hurt but they should be better by like Sunday night. Now I am off to watch a movie and eat pizza.

OH! And I love how B and Ash are like really pissed at L and I could actually give a crap. L is such a bitch. Btw, she was the one, about two months ago who charged me a shitload of gas money for taking me about 3 miles.
Tags: college, friends, general, me, roomates, weird

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