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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - SamColorful

The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Okay. So First off I loved that the boys were arguing and that Dean whipped out the 'BECAUSE I SAID SO!' excuse.

I thought the storylines for this week were really cool and I liked the whole snow-white-but-not aspect. Really cool ideas on the writer's part.

Sammy as a sketch artist, oh man. Heh.

I didn't like that the boys were driven apart so much again. *shrug* I dunno.

So okay, the end part, I don't know what to say about it. I mean I was shocked when Sam shot her, but I wasn't all that shocked that he went to see her. I figured he wouldn't be able to get Dean out of the deal just yet.

The more I think about it the more likely and the more I'm liking the idea of Dean being the only one who can save Sort-Of-Evil!Sammy. I like the thought of Dean saving Sam from himself (totally flashing on Xander and Willow from Buffy S6 Finale), but the thought of an entire season of the boys being driven apart makes me feel gross. Like I just see this gap between the boys getting wider and wider and then we get this huge cliffhanger for the end of the season (knock on wood that we get a season 4) that is actually kind of interesting.

Like I like the idea of a redemption arc, but getting to the redemption arc just seems like a waste of episodes. I don't want the boys driven apart. ARGH! *sigh* oh well, I mean I can't shake Kripke and be like, 'FIX IT!' I guess I just have to have faith. Meh.

On another note, I've started watching Gilmore Girls. I like this cutely adorably young Padalecki. He's so cute and little and cuddly. LOL Ah well...


*scrolls down to avoid spoilers*
I hate not living in the US. Living vicariously through episode downloads can be exhausting... I hope the episode was good though. *crosses fingers*

And Gilmore Girls? Is awesome because of young!Jared. Jared's all young and dorky and the hair... did I mention the flippy hair? We should totally chat about this show ( Or maybe about Jared, more specifically.). You up for it?
I know what it's like to live vicariously through ep downloads, I feel for ya.

As far as the show goes, I really like it. It's not the most super realistic show, I'm part of a mother-daughter only team as well, but it is pretty good so far. I've seen episodes in the past, but I haven't ever really sat down and watched the show. I used to think all the characters seemed so similar, mainly due to the way they speak so uniquely in the same way. Like in the GG universe everyone is quippy and they're fast-thinkers. But now that I'm sitting down and watching, I've kind of glazed over the surreal facts and I'm just sort of getting emersed into the story lines and characters.

I really like young jared, he's so adorable and his hair is like awesomely goofy. :D

I'm also really liking the Emily-Lorelai storyline. I like that they're getting to know one another, I think it's all really cool so far. :D
I'm downloading 3.05 now, but my internet is SLOW-like, so it'll be another 4 or so HOURS before I can actually see the episode. But it's a start, I guess. *prays to downloading gods*

I agree with you about the lack of realism. People aren't savvy, quick-thinkers all the time... And I really liked the Emily-Lorelai stuff too. It's something that I think really grounds the show because we have:
- the "dream team" (Lorelai and Rory) - who, whilst amusing to watch, aren't entirely realistic
and then
- the more grounded and honest relationship between Emily and Lorelai which really gets to me on certain levels.

I'm glad you're liking it. *hugs new GG buddy*