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Happy Halloween

So I'm having a boring Halloween so far, how about you? It's just kind of depressing or something. I dunno. I wish that I had people to hang out with, or ya know I had a party to go to. Besides the lame school-sponsored-not-free party that is.

I'm just feeling a little bleck lately. I mean I'm like bored with things and I just *shrug* I dunno it's boring and no one is around much anymore. I need more friends or something. Maybe a boy. Eh...

On an even more depressing note I feel like I've been talking about everything that is wrong with the world all day. At home and in class. If it's not mother nature it's people, if it's not people it's corporations, if it's not corporations it's nature, and on and on and on.

I need a drink.

Maybe I should go out to a club or something, I mean maybe that would be more interesting than hanging around here sitting on my ass.

Man, I need a life.
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