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SPN & Life

Okay, so is it weird that I thought Bobby like breaking the colt down was hot? And that there was a Bunson Burner? A BUNSON BURNER! I am such a freakin' nerd.

I also liked when Bobby was practicing with the gun. Kinda hot... and I don't even have a gun thing.

Was it just me or was the Impala lookin' extra fine tonight?

I liked Casey, she was cool and hot. I also kinda liked the hooker.

I still wasn't digging Ruby.

Sam messing up and throwing holy water on those guys was EFFING AWESOME! I love comedic!Sam. I love that he loses his shoes and throws holy water on random people. Heh. Awesome.

There are things I know I'm forgetting to talk about bah.

I thought the story line was pretty interesting and I kinda hissed at the out and out finger that was pointed at Cheyney. That could be bad for the show...

Anyway. I kinda hate that there is that magical question mark thrown over Sam. See, was it just me or like in 2x22 it just didn't seem like YED was actually making a big enough statement to make me worry about Sam and now all of a sudden there is this question about him outta nowhere. Like it kinda seemed like Kripke left the whole Sam-being-not-Sam open so that if he wanted he could go back in and change the original story line and make Sam like evil or something. I dunno I am just not digging this random 'WHAT IF SAM IS NOT SAM!?!?' thing. It kinda just feels like it was thrown in and thrown together at the last minute...

Jenny is so pretty, like he always is.

I LOVED the mirrored ceiling thing, and I really liked that that guy (Nick?) was like a hunter that sucked and was cheesy. Heh.

I like that Dean is scared of Hell.

Maybe more on this ep later once I've watched it more.

In other news I'm in Ohio. My cousin is getting married on Saturday bleh. The bus ride was sucky like usual. Meh.

Okay, so about Yesterday. I turned in my Poster and people actually really dug it. They thought my concepts were really good and they were communicated well. I had some trouble with the Hierarchy, but otherwise people liked it. It was one of two that wasn't all about love and happiness and crap.

It was really weird because now that I understand how to create art - and I know that's like the gheyest term to describe the process - it's like so much better. Like I realized that it's just so much better to design something that means something than to design something just for an assignment.

I'll probably post a copy of it after I turn it in next week (we got an extension).

In other school news, I have to schedule for classes soon, this quarter is flying by. At the end of this quarter I'll be half done and I'll be a junior. A JUNIOR. Like holy crap. It's going by so fast.

I think that's all for now...
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