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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - BloodRed Sam touch

SPN 3x03

Was it just me, or was this ep a little off? Like there was something about the chemistry or something. I dunno.

I don't like Bella, but I don't not like her either. The last stealing bit she pulled with the scratch tickets was WAY obvious though.

I don't like the jesus freak guy.

The way the first guy died on the fork was fucking sick. Dean's spech to the other guy, was it just me or was that just a bit corny?

I LOVED the pen in the gun thing. Dean is TOTALLY Batman.

Oh man, and when Sam lost his shoe. That was like totally Sam's 7 year old boy face. It was pathetically cute.

I love this show, but something was weird...


I don't know. I really liked this one. I loved all the physical humor and the laughs. It was nice to have an unabashedly funny episode.

I did not like Jesus freak guy although at times his partner was amusing. I *did* like the way even Gordon thought that dude was slap nuts at the end, cause if Gordon Walker thinks you're nuts, man you're nuts. LOL

I also do not hate or overly like Bella. I was afraid I'd hate her so I score that a win.
well, it totally worked for me. :D