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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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So I'm sexist I guess

Yeah. So I commented here, and I realized that I'm full of shit. I co-habitated in fandom for like 3 years with men when I was into Popslash RPS. I'd completely forgotten and the majority of the guys on the website I frequented were just normal people in fandom, there was no weirdness.

It's only since being on LJ and being in fandom here that it's kind of weirded me out, but I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because on LJ I've made way-tighter friends than I did reading Popslash, I don't know, but my statements over on that post were sexist, and although they were my opinion, they were wrong. I mean that's weird. I feel like a dumbass about this, but I mean I guess at the time that was how I felt.

I don't have a lot to say on this subject, only the fact that I'm annoyed with myself.

P.S. This is what I said:
I concur completely. Your last 3 paragraphs are like the definition of EVERYTHING. Fandom is female completely and I think that if it changed it would be weird. REALLY weird. Fandom is the female version of every Mens-only poker game, sports club, gentleman's club, and support group. It's a space where we co-habitate and where we belong. I know a lot of people won't agree, but Fandom is a girls-only thing.

It's weird that you bring this up, because I was thinking about this the other day. I stumbled onto a fic written by a guy, and I'd read fic by this person before but I didn't know they were a guy, and upon stumbling into this guy's profile I was weirdly turned off. It got me wondering about Guys in Fandom and despite the fact that he was gay, it was weird because I almost felt like he was intruding.

And okay, I'm okay with guys but not really in fandom.Fandom is 99% female for good reason and it's just weird when I guy stumbles in and starts mucking about. It changes the vibes and that's just too weird.


Where's your comment? I can't find it. :)

Also, have you considered posting what you posted here in your journal to that discussion. It's always good to show people that you realize you were wrong.

(And we all do this from time to time, say things that on further reflection we wish we hadn't. *hugs*)
Yeah, sorry, I reread what I wrote here and realized it made no sense. Heh.

Here is where my comment is: http://kalpurna.livejournal.com/80937.html?thread=1699113#t1699113
I'm proud of you, Ems. It took guts for you to admit that you were wrong. (And everyone responded graciously to your apology which is, I think, another important lesson of fandom 101. If people would just apologize quickly and sincerely, I think a lot of hurt feelings could be avoided)