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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - MyFandom


So I'm thinking about starting an SPN fic community or a website. It would be a lot like spn_themes and a lot like this website.

Basically it would be gigantic lists of fic according to what is in them. Sort of like an archive of fic by theme. I've thought about doing this for a while, since before SPN themes started and I love the idea of wanting to read say a genderswap where Dean is the girl, it's pre-series, and it's only gen, and having the ability to find that story.

This would be a project that ideally I would like to start with others who would be interested. I'm not sure how I would get started except to put out feelers and to see if this would be wanted and/or would anyone want to help.

Let me know what you think. Thanks. :)


It's an interesting idea but I'd have to ask what exactly would make it different to spn_themes? There's already a comm that is kinda an archive by theme, bobbyslibrary is what you're suggesting similar to that?
Well, with SPN Themes you have to wait for people to post lists of like-based fic, this would be a community or archive where you post any fic you've read or found just in an effort to collect the stories in a centralized place with the ability to find them based on genre/theme/littlest detail.

I hadn't seen Bobbyslibrary, so I'm not sure how it would be different from that, other than there would be a lot of more posters (hopefully) or maybe I should look into an off site archive. hmm...
Ok, cool, thanks for clarifying. I would suggest if you're going to do this on LJ to get a couple or more people as co-mods as it's going to involve a lot of work (especially if you want to archive them based on the littlest detail). You'll need a good system for tagging. I started an episode fic comm a couple of months ago and I've found that you can't rely on other people to post, at least initially. People will post their fic to the main comms first as they have a large readership. It'll take a lot of pimping around and publicity to get a good membership on a comm. It might be easier in terms of organising the fic to look into an off site archive as you're more limited on LJ. This is a very interesting idea and I'd love to get involved except I really don't think I have the time at the moment!
Far as I'm concerned, one can never have too many archives -- even if all the stories are duplicated multiple times. I've lost one too many favorite adventures when the owner forgot to renew the site, or lost interest and decided not to maintain it.

It's heartbreaking.

It can be a lot of work (I know, I've had to rebuild my archive three times so far thanks to Murphy and internet gremlins), but more than worth it.
Thanks for the input. :)
Hmm okay, thanks for your input hun. :D
The problem I have with fic on lj is that you still have to page through to find them. There is an archive that I like, Bad Moon Rising.


I've always liked this layout for fanfics. The Stargate fandom has several in this format, and it is the easiest to search. You might want to try something along these line, grouped by subject.
Well see I've never been a fan of those sites because anyone can just post whatever and they're only archived by four different genres, or you have to search and then the chances are that you'll only find one story and it might not be finished, or it might not be good or there's always something. Thanks for the input though. :)
Depends on if the site is moderated, yes. There are some that approve all material before it is posted. Still think there is a way to do sub-categories within the four major ones.

There was another site too, I'll have to see if I can find it, that had an alphabetical listing, author listing, and subject listing. Only problem there is that it used links, and many of the links were broken. It was a good layout though, and would definitely help in a multi-subject search. Lemme see if I can find it.
Okay, well until fandom decides to all go in one directions, I think we're stuck. heh. Thanks for the input. :)
Sounds like me. There are a lot of little archives out there, we need one huge one. Supernatural.tv has one, but paging through is a b****. And fanfic.net...ARGH! Granted I post there, because it's about the largest thing going right now for SPN fics.

Maybe we need something to point people in the direction of the smaller archives. Sort of like, if you want hurt!Dean go to hurt_dean, if you want pre-series go to sn_flashback etc. Not ideal but it'd work. To be honest I don't usually want to search for fic by specific genres, I read what's posted on the fic sites and if there's something I want I would post on spnstoryfinders.