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Real Life Update

School is going okay. I have three classes and a math class online. I'm kinda irritated because the math book I ordered almost two weeks ago has yet to arrive. It sucks because I actually need it.

Tonight I had to give a speech for Speech class. It wasn't horrible, but I was nervous. I faced my small fears though and went first. I did my speech on my love of Science Fiction and Fantasy television.

I'm working through a colored pencil project in my Illustration class, it's coming along nicely if I do say so myself. :P In my last class with one of my favorite teachers I'm having a bit of trouble, but I think it's just the nature of the class, it's a hard class.

In other news I'm trying to get a part time job. There was a pt job fair at school today and there are a couple of possibilities. I also have a meeting with the part time job finding people at my school tomorrow.

Hopefully I won't be completely broke by christmas. Heh.

That's about everything, not much else to say. I started my meds, but that's about it, winter and fall always get me down, so hopefully I won't be so depressing this year. I dunno. *shrug*

Anyway, I'll talk at ya later.
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