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I'm so angry.

Ranty rant rant rant.

That's about all.

I don't understand why I get so angry when people have different opinions from me - especially in situation when there is no right answer. Logically I know that no one is right or wrong, but I have this huge burning anger when someone disagrees with me about something that I *know*(I'm going for the whole metaphorical opinionated know here) is right. Or when someone likes something I really really don't. I don't understand it, and most of the time I don't even want to try and fix my anger, I just want to feed it - or change that persons opinion.

It eats at me when someone has a wrong(Going for sarcasm there) opinion. ESPECIALLY in fandom. Or when someone observes and gets a completely opposite conclusion from something and they form opinions based on that.

I don't understand it and I don't understand why I can't just accept it and move on...

The whole thing makes me bitchy and pissed.
Tags: fandom, general, me

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