June 16th, 2010

Harry Potter - HermioneStoryGirl


I'm now employed.

Let that sink in.

Aaaand I start today. Haha! I will have to use my own computer, which sucks because I won't be able to like ever bring it home because it's so huge, but other than that, awesome.

I'm going to have like a three month trial period where I evaluate them and they evaluate me. But I have a half day today and I start tomorrow. I guess the guy they have is leaving tomorrow, so I have to like get everything I can from him.

I don't really feel super happy about it, I'm just like 'okay.' That's so weird, I don't think it's really sunk in yet.

Last night I was feeling a lot of trepidation because I was unsure as to if I was ready to take on so much responsibility, but it sounds like it will be interesting and kind of exciting.

Let's hope it works! :D
Emotions - GrumpyOldMan

Weird things at the job

It seems like it would be a cool job but they made me bring in my personal computer on the first day which is not cool. I have all of my files and design stuff on that computer and I had to take it in so suddenly I only had time to delete the nefarious stuff without making a backup of the rest of it. I really need to get another computer, if only so that I won't have to have my personal comp at work. I know I should wait until the 3 month trial is over but I feel very anxious about the situation.

In other news I'm like bitterly irritated because my family was going out to dinner tonight for my grandma's birthday and I was really looking forward to celebrating my job. However instead of letting me know what time they were going to dinner, like they told me they would, they just went and decided to skip cluing me in so now they've ordered and are at the restaurant.

Whatever, stupid and gay.