January 15th, 2009

Harry Potter - Emma Neener


I'm very tired and I've been working on my freelance job since about 11 this morning. I've kind of finished one part and I'm sort of taking a break before I start the next part.

I had to turn down an interview for an internship on Sunday. It kills me, especially because it was for an illustration internship. They said they would need me to work in the office one day a week and then I would need to create 3-4 illustrations on my own per month using my own supplies. It's kind of a gip because it was unpaid, but I just don't have the time. Between my four classes, this freelance thing I'm finishing up and then one of my classes being design studio, I just really don't think I have the time. *sad sigh* Oh well.

This (my second to last) quarter I have:

Pre-Portfolio: A class getting everything together so that my portfolio is perfect. I have to fix old work, and produce a few new pieces according to the graduation requirements.

Design Studio: An exclusive class in which we have to work with real clients and create work for them. I'm going to have two clients in this class.

Advanced Communications: A ridiculously boring class in which I will spend most of my time doodling because it's all about things like interviewing and resume writing.

Advanced Illustration: I haven't had this class yet, but I know it's illustration class. I'll probably have to produce 3 or 4 illustrations.

So that's a full schedule. I know it may not seem like much, but it is TRUST me. And on top of that I have to work on this interactive map which they want to finish by the end of January.

Bah! It's okay though, I feel like it will be okay. :D