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Okay. So I WAS SO crazily excited for the premier and I gotta say, I felt slightly (barely) let down. I'm not really sure how I feel about them adding in more and more characters. Having Bobby on set is great, I love him, but then the whole thing with Isaac and Tamara(sp?) and then that Ruby girl, there were almost too many characters on the show for me.

Like, I like having a lot of Sam/Dean interaction and I guess I wish there was more of this in this episode. *shrug*

Did anyone else see a weird parallel between Isaac/Tamara and Sam/Dean. Like how they've been together so long and they'd die for each other? Maybe it's just me...

Anyway, the show was great, but the dynamic was a little off, I mean I still love the show with every freaking breath in my body, but the dynamic threw me.

I loved the conquering of the Seven deadly sins. Loved it. I really really wanted someone (Isaac and Tamara) to be like in awe(but not in awe of) the Winchester brothers. I NEED to see the other hunters talk about/reference those damned Winchester boys. 'Better hunters you'll never find, crazy son's a bitches, but some damn good hunters.' I really really have this huge burning desire to see Sam and Dean become legendary. Like it's burned into my soul.

I'm not sure how I feel about that Ruby girl, she's not bad, but I wish she wasn't blond and like the size of my pinkie. Why couldn't she be like some fiery red head who isn't the size of a stick? Or some girl who isn't a hollywood beauty. They seem to have a LOT of diversity on SPN, but I would really love to see one of the girls who could possibly become a love interest(You know in their heads they think we're gonna het pair that Ruby girl with one of the boys - so they have to pick someone super attractive and starlet-like - but in all reality a girl who has a little extra padding and hair color that doesn't come from a box might actually get a better reception. Bah, I just don't want to see more hollywood babes, I mean Dean already does enough of them to keep clairol in business for the next 50 years... eh.

Oh! And Ruby's knife? Wasn't that a huge giant obvious thing... It's a way out, and that's all that matters to me.

So anyway, now that I've seen the premiere, here are some predictions:

-Season 3 is all about the war, and other hunters will be brought in along the way.
-By the end of S3 there will be something like a battle or something that will have all the hunters gather to fight the dark or something.
-Ruby will die at the end of the season and give the knife to Sam who will kill the crossroads demon with it. Or somehow the demon will die via that knife.
-----Possibly not before Dean dies or something to that effect.
-The cliffhanger of S3 will maybe be Dean dying. Like I think we won't know for sure or something.
-I fully kind-of expect Dean to die at the end of the season, but he has to be brought back and I don't know how, but he will be.

That's all I can think of for now, but maybe more later.

P.S. Also, I finished DVD Commentating mona1347's fic, Parts of Speech. I'd love if you would read it. :D
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