July 18th, 2008

Other - Sonic Cool


So I dropped my online class and my advisor managed to get me into a new class to fill up my schedule so that I could graduate on time, when I want. So now I'm taking 'Theories in Personality' to fill up a humanties credit and I LOVE IT. HOMG I had my first class today and I love love love it.

Today we talked about Carl Jung and went over personality types. There are I guess four characteristics you can have: Feeling and Thinking, Sensing and Intuition. And Let say your dominant characteristic is Feeling, well then your least dominant characteristic is Thinking. So I was trying to map out mine, and I've done the whole Myers Briggs thing a million times, but I'm not so sure it's as easy as all that. Eh, oh well.

I love psychology at certain times and I love learning about other people. :)