March 30th, 2008

Harry Potter - Emma Neener

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So I've gotten over the Flu and I'm still coughing every once in a while, but I'm doin' okay. I went out and about today because I was so freaking board. I've discovered that there is only so much America's Next Top Model I can take and that yes, you can get sick of television even though you're a college student.

I got some sweet tea at mcdonalds today and it was sweeter than like anything ever so I came home and mixed it with regular tea.

I talked to my Grandma on my Dad's side of the family today. We talked for a little while, I bitched about the ex-roomate from hell and she cried about my Dad. She's sad about the situation, but I told her to not let it upset her. I've kind of gotten over the situation and I dunno I can't really say anything more about it because there isn't really much more for me to say. I've done all I can do and if he's unwilling to make and keep that connection then it's his loss because I'm made of awesome. Does it hurt that he basically doesn't want me? Yes. Has it affected me? Yes. Does it still affect me? Yes. I have a pandora's box of emotions on the situation if I dig hard enough, but why bother. I can bitch and moan and get upset about situations and dwell in them, but this one really and truly won't be solveable. There's no new insight I can gain from getting emotional and dwelling on it so I just won't bother.

I can't talk about it anymore right now.

In other news I'm starting a new quarter on Monday and I have an online creative writing class. The class seems fun and interesting. Wait, scratch that, the text book teaching me about writing is interesting, the class seems a bit blah. The text book for the class is Called Bird By Bird and it's the only text book EVER that I've actually enjoyed. I picked it up last night to skim it and I ended up reading the first 7 chapters. It's a pretty thin book, but if you need to learn how to write, you should really pick this up and give it a try it's really REALLY good. I literally laughed out loud at one part and everything the author talks about when it comes to starting to write really is true. I highly encourage any fanfic writers out there to pick it up.

Anyway, I don't have a new roommate yet, two RAs came in on Thursday looking for the whore and I explained that she left and she was sucky and everything. Well they came in while I was folding laundry so I had that spread out everywhere and I had about 5 dishes in the sink, so other than that the apartment was clean from where I cleaned up and well the one RA asked if I was going to clean (I think he saw my dishes) and I told him I already did and the other girl RA checked out the bathroom, they both checked out the bedroom and I explained that she was awful and never cleaned, especially when she left and so they charged her for MY unwashed dishes. Technically they're not supposed to charge you for your dishes, but I thought that was brilliant. Oh well it's all just awesome. The roommate karma fairy is fair after all!

Hee! Anyway I'm gonna go dig up some SPN fic and then head to bed, have a good night y'all. :P

OH! P.S. Did any of you participate in Earth Hour? My mom (at home) and I (in Pittsburgh) did. :D