January 1st, 2008

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

So PORN store, and 2008


So oh man today Tiffany and I went to this AWESOME porn store. It was two floors and it was amazing. They had everything from fake boobs to costumes to videos to magazines to dildos to pocket pussies to nipple clamps to board games to anything you can probably imagine. It was crazy cool. I ended up buying something. Hee! >:D

After that we went next door to this place called 'The Joint' they sold hookah stuff and bowls and bongs and incense, it was pretty cool. Tiff got some stuff for her hookah.

Then after that we got white castle and taco bell and called it a night, sort of.

So then I made some Purple Party Punch. :D

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So okay, a little after midnight we prank sex-called a bunch of people and then we called our friend Gabe, a straight shooter, and he was drunk off his ass for the first time. Gabe is awesome and I recorded some of the conversation with him, it will be hilarious later.

Oh man today was a good day. :)