June 1st, 2006

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Holy God! I just read like the hottest fic ever.

I just read Crazy Good by geneli4, and OMG. I need more porn like NOW. The fic is CW RPS Jared/Jensen/Jeff, and I so thought that I couldn't go for it, but DEAR LORD it's hot. My brain just *died* from hotness about halfway through. GO READ IT!

I need to read more porn fic like this.
Supernatural - Jenny freckles

Dream & Fic Recs

Okay, so I had the freakin' weirdest dream ever last night.

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Fic recs:

Sam & Dean:
Epiphany by janissa11 (R/unrated)
This is great, I love that it's from John's third person P.O.V. It takes the concept of Dean is really a pretty boy when he's a teen (because HELLO Jenny was so pretty) and elevates it to an all new level.
"He will spend a lot of hours, later, coming up with reasons why he didn’t notice. Lots of excuses, each dismissed with a flicker of utter disgust, because he can fool a lot of people a lot of the time, but he’s crappy at fooling himself, and he loathes excuses. Excuses don’t change anything; excuses don’t undo what’s been done."

Books of the Living, Books of the Dead by poisontaster (unrated)
I so love this, I love this like some people love chocolate. It's just brilliant and amazing and kind of simple, but It's just awesome.
"Sammy isn't the only one with dreams. Dean just doesn't talk about his. They're not…relevant.

With typical cosmic humor, Sam's the one that dreams of the living, but Dean only ever dreams of the dead. They never come with much; a few words—a message—sometimes a name."

The Sound of Silence by dodger_winslow (unrated)
This is really really good. I love the sound theme and the sort of cold loneliness.
"The silence is what you hear. The absence of sound. The nothingness. After the deafening concussion of the impact itself, after the bone breaking shriek of metal on metal, after the shatter of shatterproof glass and the scream of rubber burning sideways against asphalt, that’s what you find you actually hear: the silence."

No Sleep Till Bedtime by veronamay (R/MA+15)
This is great, hot and wonderful and I love the little slice of Jared & Jenny's lives.
"Ten minutes after Tony called, "Cut!" for the last time, Jensen was stumbling up the stairs to his trailer, his breath misting in the cold air, trying to forget that it was oh-fuck-thirty and he hadn't slept in nearly twenty-four hours. He had roughly two hours to get home, pack a bag and get on a plane to LA."

How Do You Like Your Love (More More More) by stone_princess (18+)
Love this. Jenny has a bad day. Cute and hot and funny. :)
"Every shot was taking ten times longer than it should, Jensen thought as he shifted from foot to foot in the cold. The director kept going back and forth between using the stunt doubles and not, which was totally annoying because Jared and Jensen had fucking trained for this shit--they could fight, it wasn't a hard scene. Everyone else needed to just stop being such douche bags and do their goddamn jobs."

Thanks! :)