May 25th, 2006

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Misc & Daily fic recs

Bleh. Today is all ucky. I'm really tired and my skin is dry, I want to watch more Smallville but I can't. And there's nothing on TV. ;(

I still have a ton of stuff to do. Stupid to-do list.

Is anyone else irritated that they're coming out with a superman movie and Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum aren't Superman and Lex Luthor?


Okay, enough of the whining, time for recs. :)

Katakiuchi (If Not Victory) by poisontaster & mona1347 (Adult)
This is brilliant. It's angsty and sharp and it gets you right there. There is implied non-con and violence. It's really scary-beautiful.
"He doesn't mean to, but he shivers and his fingers jerk away like the little line of scar tissue is hot wire. "It's nothing," he says…but he knows he gave himself away; Sammy's like a fucking bloodhound with shit like that."

Time by witchofthedogs (Not Rated)
This is great. So poetic and beautiful and going through an entire day... it's just fantastic.
"But Sam was like the sunshine and Dean was like the darkness and he only ever got up this early to make Sam happy. Usually, Dean was awake first, listening for life from the form in the bed next to him and listening for the shadows.

If he could learn to love the mornings, he might be able to let Sam go. He might be able to wake up alone."

Gen fic:
Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk) by clex_monkie89 (PG)
This is great, it's all the Winchesters, but mainly John. :)
"Sammy is four and he is already an evil genius. In his great knowledge of the world and everything in it, he has figured out that if Dean isn't riding in the front seat then he can ride in it. He has also figured out that he can get Dean to do absolutely anything he wants."

Tiny A's All in a Row by jwynn (Not rated)
I love this. It's sad and beautiful and hopeful and just completely wonderful. It's Sam and Dean, sort of from Dean's P.O.V. Go read it, it's wonderful.
"When it comes for Dean, he’s not ready. He told Sam that he was, before, but he lied.

Dean knows now that he lied."

What's that in Metric? by dopplegl (Adult/Not rated)
This is really hot. It's WB RPS (TW, JA, JP, & MR) and it involves the smutbox. :D Hee!
"Mike laughs, and it's a real laugh, not his Crazy Lex Laugh, but a good belly chuckle. "You mean I never told you guys about that?" He's grinning fit to split his face, but Tom has no idea what he's talking about. Mike giggles and picks up the open metal box from where Jensen left it near the pool table, and brings it over to where the two of them are standing. "This," he says, pawing through its contents, "is the most insane thing anyone has ever given me.""

That's it for today. :)
Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I'm watching episode 4x18 - Spirit. The one with the prom queen, and OMG LMAO

"That crown's mine bitch."

I laughed SO hard at that, that has to be like Clark's funniest line EVER. HAHA! :D

P.S. Holy crap Lois looked so pretty in her pink dress. I also loved the look on Clark's face when he saw her, that was so great. :D