May 12th, 2006

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I'm having a REALLY crappy morning so far.

So I woke up after about 7 hours of sleep with a headache and a jawache(like a toothache). I'm sort of on the verge of a migraine and I'm really still very tired.

On top of that I'm really really depressed and sort of stuck in a weird bored place. I have made little to no progress on my angstathon fic, so there's that too.

It's a pretty sucky day.

It's white out right now. No sun just white clouds smothering the world, which are depressing me and hurting my eyes at the same time... I hate Ohio sometimes.

It's too damn loud where I live and I NEED CURTAINS TO BLOCK OUT THE BRIGHT! YARGH!

*whimper cry*
Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Yo Bitches! Everyone come on to AIM, we're all hagin' out in the winchesters chat room.

If you want in just join 'winchesters' or IM me (Emella333)

Thanks! :D
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