April 15th, 2006

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Ficish things

Okay so I had a thought.

What if there was a (fan)fic archive/site/community that profiled authors and rated them and had an extremely detailed portfolio of their writing. Well not really a portfolio, but a type of profile that told what the writer was strong at or what they were mediocre at, how well they characterize fandom characters. A completely honest, no holds barred archive that rated fic writers (with their permission/at their request), then everything was compiled, that way you knew what to read and wouldn't have to spend hours searching for fic.

There could be ratings on how well they work with plot, how detailed and surprising, or how predictable. Maybe there would be reviews from a panel of readers who really knew what was good writing, there could be a section for reader feedback and/or comments.

Like just a huge place to go and find good fic based on different factors. Like oposed to some places, it wouldn't just be mediocre fic, maybe only certain authors/stories can post their work or have their work profiled. Like there would be a screening process and once the authors fic went through the screening process, then the fic would recieve a detailed profile and the story would be rated and discussed. That way whenever you read stories from the archive/site/community there would be no question as to whether or not they would be good. Plus, you would have a way to find exactly what you want.

So if you wanted a fic written by an author ranked at least 8 out of 10 and you want the fic to be over 5 chapters, over 10,000 words that was slash and featured Xander and Spike and you wanted a monster of the week, lots of smut, not very much buffy, and it had to have first person point of view, you could search on those or somehow find the story you were looking for based on that.

Just a really good really detailed semi-exclusive place to find fic. Not exclusive to read from, but exclusive to post to.

What do you think?
Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Where the hell are all you people?

I need to talk to some people on like aim or somewhere about my exclusive fanfic project.

Everyone quit having lives.

Aim: Emella333

Yahoo: cherry_sinclaire

MSN: kevy_s__girl [A] hotmail.com
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