April 5th, 2006

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I think all the slashers out there should have t-shirts. We should all have t-shirts that say 'Slasher' in boldish readable writing so that we can identify one another.

It could be like a secret club. We'll see one another across crowded coffee houses and in line at the DMV, maybe passing each other in the grocery store and we'll share a secret smile and both know why we rock just that much more. And if someone asks about the t-shirt we can just smile and say, 'It's a secret.'

And one day, when we're waiting in line for the midnight screening of Harry Potter & whatever the 7th book is called, or oogling the latest 'People', or just lingering a little too long in front of the TV DVD box set aisle at Best Buy we can rejoice in the fact that we aren't so alone in our wicked ways.

Everything would rock because we're the strongest group of girls(and a few guys) out there. We can move mountains with nothing but the click of a remote. We sign petitions and write fic and oogle boys and make crappy actors popular. We keep television networks in line and sign off on the latest movies. We iconize and drool and pic spam and oogle and we never ever hate on another slasher. We're open minded and creative, we support each other and help one another. We don't bad mouth or flame. We're mature and funny, quirky and intuitive. We squee over the smallest inkling of fandom news and take pride when we hear good news on behalf of our celebrity or book or tv show. We take criticism in stride and improve ourselves and our stories. We know the joy of fandom and sister slasherhood. We write and we read and we create art to show our love.

We are slashers, and we are love.