February 9th, 2006

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Narnia & rant

Ok, So I hate our library. Now don't missunderstand me, I love the library, but our Gahanna branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library SUCKS. The first time I went to this branch, I had a list of about 8 books, I left with only one from my list.

Every time I take a list of at least 4 to 6 books and most of the time I can't even get one book. It's SO annoying. I went to the library with a list of 6 books, but one was Memoirs of a Geisha so I pretty much knew I wouldn't be getting that. I also had to pick up my reserve of The Complete Chronicals of Narnia. I left with The Complete Chronicals of Narnia.

On top of all this, the library has an online catalog, so you can go and check to see if they have your book before you leave the house. So Like three months ago I found a book I wanted to get, it was in stock but when I got to the library they didn't have it. I've been to the library about 6 times since then, and checked the computer at least 2 or 3 times. All times it's said to have been in yet it's not on the shelf. I also always look on the shelf, whether I check the comp or not, but it's never been in. *grrr*

I never had any problems like this at the Hilliard branch of the library. Of course I had only taken in book lists maybe four times that I can remember, so I can't really compare on that issue, but there sure was a good selection. Pluse this library's layout and selection seem way smaller.

Ok now that the ranting about the library is over, let me continue on with ranting about Narnia. Well, not really ranting, more like annoyed guilt.

I don't exactly feel guilty for reading this book, but I don't feel right reading it either. I feel oddly irked at the likenings to the bible. I've only read The Nephew's Magician and I was very kind of irked by the way C.S. Lewis makes Aslan be like God. It makes me feel oddly blasphemous. I mean I understand that C.S. is not making it be like that, but I can't help but feel guilty at how blasphemous this book is. Not in the fact that it's really like a book promoting sin, but more that it doesn't seem right for God to be imitated. Or something like that. I'm really surprised at how these books are making me feel so... biblical. At first I was annoyed that I had heard that Aslan could be compared to God/Jesus, because I didn't want to have any preconcieved notions about th books, but man, you would have to be like completely unknowing in the ways of christianity to not see the comparisons. Needless to say, the subtelty is lacking... a lot.

Well I will weigh in more later, after I've read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. And gah, my keyboard batteries are dying. Crap, later.
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Simon/Jayne firefly annoyance

Ok, I'm so annoyed, I'm trying to write some smut intermixed with like actual fic and it's totally kicking my ass. I can't help but think it's sounding like crap. Tell me what you think, here is an excerpt(unedited):

Simon unzipped Jayne’s pants and slowly began to shove them down toward the other man’s feet. Moving in a sexual frenzy, ripping off clothes and trying to maintain contact, they both were moving as fast as possible to feel skin against skin.

Jayne cursed when he hit a snag with some of the buttons on Simon’s button-down. Jayne just growled and tugged a bit too hard and buttons went flying.

“You’re such a barbarian.” Simon panted, pulling Jayne closer.

Jayne grinned, “You know it shao biaozi.”

Guh, it only get's crappier from there.