November 4th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Holy Moly

Ok, this book is totally kicking my ass. So much research! *whimpers*

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Another excerpt, though it doesn't link up to the one I posted before.

Andrew grinned, “I would love to be an actor, like the great players down in London. Remember when Father took us before he was ill?” Sir Richard had been somewhat wealthy, raising his children for nobility, rather than commonwealth. The children had even been to the opera and the theater a few times before his death.

Jane smiled a bit wider, “Yes, remember the last one, with the creature that had a mule’s head?” She laughed lightly and set the bowl in front of him.

Jane had been eight when their father had passed, making his death even harder on her. She had been quiet, near mute, for those first few months after Sir Richard’s passing. The spirit of the eldest daughter of the Lamb’s had awoken her from her stupor though, engaging her in life once more. Andrew hadn’t truly understood what had happened at the time; it had taken a few months, near a year for the understanding of his father’s death to sink in.

Andrew laughed with Jane; he remembered the strange creature from some sort of Shakespeare play. “Oh, that was fun.”

Remember, Unedited.


P.S. Oh man, look how cute I was. :P
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Buffy - Angelus Bars

While I wait.

While I wait for a question I asked on little_details to be answered, I thought I would post.

My tooth hurts. The house is a mess. My book is still being a little bitch. I watched Stage Beauty again. And the more I look at this icon: the more I see the one I'm using. It's like Jake and Angelus are morphing together.


My tooth still hurts.
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