August 21st, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Um... Tentative

So I'd like to say I'm tentatively back.

I've been busy, please don't hate me.

So a lot has happened in the last bazillion days and I'm not sure how to begin to catch you all up, as well as get myself caught up.

My fandoms have switched again. Yup, HP hardcore all the way. I haven't touched anything Buffy in like forever.

Thank you so much jjjean65 for inquiring about me. It was very nice of you. :)

I think I'm just gonna start this over like a clean slate. I'll also probably be weeding through my friends list to make room for some HP stuff. I really don't want to go onto the filters system.

I think thats it for now, forgive me for this being so short, the skin on my left ring finger tip is doing this weird painful peeling thing, and I didn't realize how much I used that finger....

Anyway, bye

P.S. Tyler if you are still friends with me I am calling you like now.

P.P.S. Sorry to all my IM friendies.
Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Harry Potter Crappy Mpreg Quotes

"Oh god! Please don't let me lose him!" Remus thought. After the lose of Sirius, Harry was all that Remus had left. The lose of his ex lover had been a mighty blow to the chest for Remus.

Harry had also been hit quite badly with sadness and shock when he had loat his godfather, even though, to Remus's knowledge, they had not even been lovers....

...."I'm pregnant!" He said and Remus was shocked.

"What did you say?"

"I said i am 5 months pregnant with Sirius's child!" He said, his hand touching the large bulge in his stomach that Remus hadn't seen.

Remus promptly fainted....

...."Congratulations Mr Potter, it's a girl!" Madam Pomfrey announced to an exshausted Harry 4 months later."

From a fic written by a 12 year old apparently. :P

"Severus looked up startled as Draco burst into his chambers. Scowling he said, "Stupid boy, trying to kill me." He put the book down and asked grumpily, "What's the matter? It better be worthy of my time."

"Oh, it is!" Draco exclaimed. As he flung himself into his seat he practically shouted, "He's alive Sev! He's alive! My baby's alive!" He threw his head back onto the cushioned couch and started laughing hysterically."

Wow, Draco sure is excited... LOL

On the ride to the Manor Harry sat on Draco's lap.

"Draco you k now your embarassing your fiance."

"Mother I'll tell you the same thing I told Harry. Why sit here bored looking at harry when I can occupy my time holding him."

Narcissa just laughed and began with her questioning.

"Harry what do you plan to do now that you are out of school?"

"Harry will stay at home and be my lovely little house wife. I can't risk him getting hurt."

"Draco you can't make Harry's choices for him."

"I'm just making sure my Harry doesn't get hurt."

That one really sucks.

"oh Draco err..."watching the head emerge was kinda gross, enough to make his stomach churn hotly, But looking at Draco, trying so hard. "Great, good job come on push again honey your doing really well. Push Draco!"
"Urrr...."grunting the rest emerge and he sobbed loudly with relief.
Wailing lustfully, the baby relayed it's discomfort.
"oh okay baby" tearing a strip of his shirt, he tired the cord, cutting the remainder of with his pocketknife.
Wrapping the baby in his discarded jacket, he headed it to draco. "It's a girl" Harry exclaimed excitedly.
"A girl..." Draco murmured, taking the bundle. Cuddling her softly, he counted fingers and toes.
"She's fine Draco...I'm sure" smiling Harry watched the baby girl yawn, and then her mother.
"mmm..." looking tiredly at him. "What?"
"I love you"
"What?" shocked.
"I love you. I always have." Harry spoke sincerely."


"Week One......Saturday night Sex and conception

"Did you remember the potion?" he murmurs as his earlobe is delightfully nibbled.
"Did you drink it before or after dinner?"
"After, before what's the difference? Come here Sevy...or I won't do that thing you like"....

...."Congratulations your pregnant Sevy" Staring at the sky blue potion. Severus dared it to turn clear like he knew it should, but it remained blue "Oh Sirius is going to die" Taking the vile of potion he stomped through their home.
Severus found his husband in their kitchen sipping coffee; the paper lay open and dissected into its separate reading preferences, but was immediately disturbed by a blue potion set in front of him."


Ok, and this one is just freaking funny for the author's notes alone, I didn't actually read past that. :D

Hope you liked that. :D
Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Blah blah ouchie finger

So my finger still hurts...

On another note, I applied at JC Penney today. For the call center. My aunt works there and she really likes it, plus you get like a moolah discount.

Blockbuster, the skanks, never even called me back.

We went furniture shopping today, found nothing.

Had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays yummy. :)

I'm waiting to watch one of my new shows, Weeds, on Showtime. Those Mother Fuckers at Showtime cancelled poor Dead Like Me *cries* and with QAF off the air it's going to be so sucky.

I need some money so bad so I can buy the QAF DVDs, that and the LotR DVDs, I watched those last night and I was yearning for the slashiness of it. And OMG is Orlando Bloom gay. I was watching the behind the scenes thing and he was like petting both Viggo and Sir Ian; he petted Viggo's hair and like hugged him, and then he was rubbing Ian's stomach. LOL GAY... :)

Mmmm Viggo and Orli.... *drool*

OH! Sorry! What?

Ahh lol, So I'm reading more HP lately. Any HP readers need to check this out. It's an awesome board of fic searches and recs. :)

Well, I think that's it for now, ttyl alligator.
Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Quick Note

So I went through and did some de-friending, it's nothing personal, just needed some more room. Sorry if you didn't make it...
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