June 10th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Some Randomish stuff

Ok, so did y'all hear, David Boreanaz is going to be on a new show on Fox this fall. Called 'Bones' in which he's a cop. :)

Another show looking for a home(probably on Fox) is Nicky Brendan's show 'Kitchen Confidential' where he's not the star, but another Chef.

Those are both Dramas.

Personal stuff:

Talked to Darkhavens tonight, I'm gonna try watching 'The Sentinel', should be interesting.

I've officially moved out of the dorms, the roomate and my exams are over. *happy sigh*

Also, my aunt is having a garage sale saturday, so I've been hunting up garage sale stuff and I came across my stashed Teen mags. Being a teenybopper, I had about 50 'teen', 'J-14', and 'Teen Beat' mags. I was feeling nostalgic and slightly dissappointed that I was giving it all up.

My first fandom is gone. *cries* I mean it was crappy and un-cool, but it was mine (my inner-fangirl is wailing).

*whimper sigh*

I miss it, but I think even if they get huge again, I won't go after them. It's so weird cause I have all this useless info in my head. Nicknames, life stories, favorite colors. It's all just up there, looking for an outlet. I feel sorta like I learned something and loved it at the time, but I'll never use it ever ever again.

Maybe this is what it feels like to kill a fandom.

It's a scary feeling and let me tell you, if this *is* what that feels like, Buffy is *not* dying. And I sure as hell won't let it.
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