May 22nd, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Does anyone at all know anything about html coding? I really want the code for Opal and component to make entries into your journal have a transparent/white opaque background.

Please please let me know! :)



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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Yeah I know Blemck isn't a word.

I'm sort of feeling weird. Got hungry and ate some cherry pop-tarts. That makes about 6 today. Yeah I know,I hate them now. My school doesn't serve food on the weekends so I had cherry pop-tarts, yogurt, breadsticks, two hot-pockets, and a fruit snack today. I need veggies.

God, I did not say that.

I need to go to bed, but I'm really not tired.

My roomate comes back today. *squishes her head*

No one's joined my ficathon. Well at least there aren't that many. *le sigh*

Please join! It's really really fun!

7 People have joined The EmC Ficathon! How about you?

Sorry for the half spam.
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Gacked from theonemonaghan

1. Pick five songs that most people will know.
2. Select lyrics of up to but not surpassing 150 words from each one.
3. Go to
4. Enter the lyrics thus:

English to German
German to French
French to Portuguese
Portuguese to English

5. Post the resultant gobbledegook and see if people can figure out what the songs are.

1.) I go the line
in the o my agreement
on the border of the edge
divides for low in some place and shorings

go read only between the lines what it is,
to know me are F**ked that and each one things all the right
reexame my essential signals is raised livings creature,
still and go only

2.)I did not form promises
and about never I gave to it only I broke,
but I still collect to the left inside many years the days schw50re,
that we collect inside of the gold we go,
we of the gold I go I have extreme,

given that these days of
summer under barley see collect that
the children run, while the sun disappears,
while it meets inside, of the gold collects

3.)they spend your entire time
that this second probability for cut
that they form that it would become,
OK a reason continues there,
to feel well sufficiently
and is in the end of the day
me a shunting line
OH - pretty release
suinte memory hardly of my veins leaves me
its needs empty perhaps and facil
and meeting peace this night I do not wait

4.)they take the photographs and still frames hangs thus pictures in your agreement
it on a bookshelf in the time healthy and good
of the memories and the skin died on an attempt for lesquel valley it,
of unexpected the entire WAR when valley slightly,

but in the end is sufficient.
I wait that it had the time of your life.

5.)OH - simple thing, IDO that me to have constructing
to it above of old maintenance and me needs something,
therefore to explain me that when it leaves me to go,
inside that receives tired and must to it start thus in some place,
if has one minute, because it does not speak to us of it goes,
to only know us in some place?

This could thus be the end all, because we they do not go thus,
because we they do not go this could the end thus all being,
because we they do not go to know us in some place?

Lol, one is pretty easy, the rest are bizzare. :)
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Grey's Anatomy

OMG, so ok wow @ season finale, and Jeez, there was soooooo much subtext between Alex and George. I mean he got syphylis from Alex. Alex looked at his crotch, and then his ass. They should just screw and get it over with. Poor Meredith.

I wonder whats going on with Chrisina. Is she pregnant? It sounded like it, but I'm not sure.
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