May 19th, 2005

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In Where Emily talks about nothing...

So I had an Orthodontist appointment today. Geck! I'm at home because of the appointement, and anyway, mom got a letter saying my orthadontist retired, so there is this new dude. Long story short they made me re-brush my teeth, and put about 80 chains on my teeth causing me to wimper like a broken animal. I'll be taking more advil shortly.

As I was sitting in the chair thing, I was wondering, what do people look at when in the chair? I usually stare at the ceiling or occasionally the tools the people are using. I was wondering do people make eye contact? I thought this would be odd, becuase you tend to stare while sitting there, and I was wondering how weird it would be to have someone sit there and stare at you while you prodded at them. Creepy.

Then I started thinking that ok, if you did this job you would have to make sure your nose was always clean and that you always had nice breath. That would suck, because sometimes you can't just blow your nose all the time. What if you had allergies? What if you had an office party with a nice cheese-onion loaf. You couldn't brush your teeth after every bit of cheese and cracker you had. *shrug* I know I'm odd, shut up.

So afterwards I scarffed down McDonalds before the pain kicked in. It always takes a few hours. Then I was off to media play for CD's. I got (and yes, too lazy to link today) Avril Lavigne 'Take Me Away', U2 '(the one with beautiful day and walk on)', Keane 'I can't remember the title', and the Corrs 'I'm too lazy to go check the title of this one.' So yeah, some good stuff that you won't know I'm listening too, because I'm lazy and can't go get the CD's to type in the names.

I watched some Ats S5 today. LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Just Rewards' I kept adding in my own bits of 'Oh! Sire I miss ya!' so yes, slashy fun to be had.

Now I'm off to watch Joey and wait for yummy yummy pizza to arrive.

Then the Apprentice! Weeee! Go Kendra! :D
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