May 4th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


My roomate is a nosy annoying stupid bitch. GRRR.

On top of the constantly watching TV she thinks she's like so cool cause she smokes and OMG she loves Paris Hilton and watches like ET and Access Hollywood!

OH! And when she goes to wash her hands or something(the sink is behind my desk) she stands there and looks at whatever I'm doing. Like when I'm writing fic, she'll read some of it. It's so annoying!

Grr, Hate her!


OH! And she told me to shut up this morning, well, I was making weird sounds in my sleep, but still!
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Introducing *drumroll*

The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon!

(Emella's Computer Music ficathon)

Here's the deal:

Just reply to this comment and post your information from the form below. Someone will write a fic for you and you will write a fic for someone. Any pairings except exclusive het are ok. (I.E. S/X/B but not just X/B or S/B) Pick out a band/artist from the list below and I will send you a random song from your requested band/artist.

You will need to write your story with the whole song, a lyric, or the mood/theme/vibe of the song in mind. The Band or artist you pick will be what I send to YOU.

Any questions? Just ask! You can also e-mail me at or I'm on AIM. (Emella333)

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Thanks Guys!
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