March 29th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

And baby makes... four?!

Authors: emella & lunabee34
Title: And baby makes…four?!
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Yay!
Disclaimer: As much as we would like to own pregnant Angel, we don’t, or the rest of the crew.
Warnings/Squicks: Mpreg!
Summary: After the BtVS episode "The Gift" Buffy remains dead. Dawn is dragged to live with her father in L. A. Spike, Xander, and Angel are living in the Hyperion fighting demons, earning redemption, and having sex. Oh, and some of that love stuff enters into the mix. Everything's great, well except for that thing...
Timeline: Season three Ats.
Notes: Early season three, either right before or right after Halloween.
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